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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Thank you for checking out my wedding photography samples.

I love to capture images with a bit of style and character. 

Currently I enjoy a fairly natural look to my colouring, but also enjoy vintage black

and white photos a lot. I am also open to working with a colour pallette or look of your choice if you have your heart set on your own styling. 

Whether you want a fully reportage approach or some creative direction (posing tips), I'm happy to work with you on your requirements for wedding photography. 

I have been praised for being discrete on a wedding day, and not interfering too much with the flow of the day. 

If possible, its great to pre meet to discuss some simple posing ideas, to have a couple of go 

to poses we can use on the day, and go over some basics like trying to keep your hands in pockets for men, and emphasisng curves, and finding the best angles for women. 

Normally I recommend photography from final touches of prep in the morning

until an hour after the first dance, which is the standard lengh of my packages,

however if you have other requests do let me know.

For information on pricing, please check out the pricing page.

Many thanks





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